A rowing team must be in total synch in order perform at its best. Notice the “coach’ at the front of the boat making sure all the parts are moving in harmony? The coxswain is OUTSIDE the picture looking in. Since he is NOT focused on rowing, he can help the team make the necessary adjustments to optimize propulsion, direction and position. By the way, he can also observe the competition, and recommend the right moves to remain in the lead. You can NOT achieve your goals when your greatest enemy is yourself. Infighting, conflicting values, individual agendas have NO place in an aligned organization.

It only takes ONE oar out of synch to slow down a boat. To what degree would you score a 10 out of 10 for ALL of your employees?

1) All of my employees are right for their jobs?

2) All of my employees are right for the company?

3) Al of my employees are trained and prepared for the future of the organization?


It takes an ongoing commitment to maintaining alignment if you are going to build a winning culture. Much like your car’s engine, it must be firing on all cylinders. We can help. Call 1-877- GO-7-STAGES and we will arrange for a 7 Stage Consultant to give you a FREE Business Analysis.