HyperGrowth – The Business Acceleration Program – take your business to the next level…and sustain that growth! This program combines quarterly group strategy sessions with  accountability calls to help you get, and stay, on track. I love that you have taken this step to growing a profitable and sustainable businesses, and we are honored to guide you through the process! Here are the details….

Overview- What is this program? : this program is designed to be a catalyst for your next 2 cycles of growth….Cycle 1 will be maximizing your current assets, and Cycle 2 will be making your growth sustainable. This program will help you integrate key strategies for expanding your operations, increasing your revenues while controlling your costs and expenses. HyperGrowth merges strategic planning along with the systematic implementation that you and your key staff can begin using immediately. This program is very practical and its approach, no theory here! You will build on the planning and management work you have already begun, and you will refine other areas of the management and planning of your business.

All attendees will be learning the cutting edge strategies of growing small-to-mid-market companies from all over the world. The content contained in this course has been deployed in 35 countries, and has been proven and refined over the past 23 years, 5,000 client engagements, and 70,000 coaching and consulting sessions with Business Owners and Executives of small-to-mid-market companies.

Who should attend? Business Owners, Decision Makers, CEOs, Presidents, Managers, Executives of companies (and/or divisions of companies) that have 10 employees or more.

Why should you attend? If you are considering this course, you are someone who has already had a measure of success. Your company has grown; you have staffed up to meet the demands of your clients. You may be realizing now that it is going to take new strategies, techniques and processes to sustain the growth that you have begun. Or, you may have plateaued in your growth and you are now realizing that you are going to have to evolve as a business (and as a leader) in order to grow to the next level.

This program will help you create and/or refine the systems that you need to expand your operations; create key metrics that will lead to controlled, predictable and sustained growth over time.

Duration – What is the time commitment? This program will consist of four x 1:1 Coaching/Strategy Sessions plus eight workshop sessions over the span of the next three months. Each coaching session will be up to one hour in duration, and each workshop will be up to two hours in duration. Attendees will receive homework to prepare for the next session. Additionally, there will be a reporting mechanism to track attendee’s progress throughout the program.

The outline and agenda for this program is as follows:

1:1 Coaching Session (1) Business Analysis – this session will illustrate key distinctions and areas of improvement for your business. We will “deconstruct” your company during this session, and your 7 Stage Advisor will provide profound insights as to where you can attain immediate impact in your organization. This will be an eye opening experience! This session lays the groundwork for the upcoming session, and will show you where you can realize 10%-30% growth in your business over the next 12 months with no additional resources. This session is held 1:1 with your 7 Stage Advisors, and will prepare you for the group sessions that are upcoming. You will receive multiple growth strategies from your coach during this meeting. Let the (hyper)growth begin!

Group Session (1). Stage 1 Planning™ – Based on the best-selling book, and the award-winning methodology, “The 7 Stages of Business Success”, Carl Gould will direct you through a series of exercises that will lead to your COMMITMENT to growth. This is more than goal setting, and this is not a “hope” session. This is a commitment to the activities that will be required in order to take your business to the next level.

Group Session (2) How F.A.B. are YOU? – We are going to find out! In this session, we are going to show you how to differentiate your business, and eliminate the competition. We will look at the key drivers in your niche, and what distinctions could lead you to dominate you niche. There is a secret sauce to differentiating yourself from your competition, and we are going to help you create it here

Group Session (3). Marketing DISCoverY™ – Got leads? This session will focus on creating the positioning and the messaging that will help you find the ideal buyer, and get found by the ideal buyer. We will craft the lead generation systems that help you create a consistent flow of interested buyers to you!

1:1 Coaching Session #2 – This personal coaching session, will give you the opportunity to review the progress you are making to date, and to make sure that you have sufficiently separated yourself from your competitors through your marketing. You have >5 lead generation systems, and feel comfortable that you will be generating enough qualified leads to achieve your sales goals.

Group Session (4) Sales DISCoverY – Regardless of the sales system that you currently employ, this session will show you how to maximize the results you are getting from your team. This session will show you little-known techniques for segmenting and maximizing each step of your sales process to increase close ratios, revenue per appointment, and your team’s overall sales performance.

Group Session (5) TurboCharge Your Sales – Now that we have created the segmentation of your sales process, it is now time creating the offerings, pricing and bundling strategies that will accelerate your results. We will show you the quickest path to cash, and how to build a sales team of top performers that will deliver consistent results!

Group Session (6) 1-Metric Management™ – This session will demystify the management process, and show you simple yet profound ways to motivate your team and help them remain focused on the most important and high priority tasks of their position. Most managers make this stuff way too complicated! We will simplify it and show you away where your staff and team can reach their performance potential. Key staff should attend this event.

1:1 Coaching Session #3 – This personal coaching session, conducted in your office, will give you the opportunity to review the progress you are making to date, and to set your goals and objectives for the remainder of the course. This is also a forum to ask any questions that you may not have had the chance to ask in the group setting.

Group Session (7) Business Breakthrough! – Get in the Hot Seat and solve your biggest business challenges on the spot with Carl and his team. We will “deconstruct” your business and provide actionable solutions in this hands-on session. Learn from the advisors, share experiences and best practices with your colleagues.

Group Session (8) Managing Sustainable Growth – The challenge with growth is making it sustainable. You will learn the 7-Stage Growth Cycle™, and what to expect going forward as your organization expands its operations and grows. The 7-Stage Growth Cycle™ will show you a roadmap for continued growth and success in your business. Sustainable growth is about setting up the processes and systems in your organization, and then enforcing them in order to be able to duplicate your results, and meet your brand promise on a consistent basis at a high quality level. All attendees to this program will receive a copy of the book “The 7 Stages of Business Success” authored by Carl L Gould.

1:1 Coaching Session (4) Coaching Session– This personal coaching session, conducted with your 7 Stage Advisor, will give you the opportunity to recap the program, and to insure that you have an actionable plan for HyperGrrowth. This is also a forum to ask any questions that you may not have had the chance to ask in the group setting. You will discuss the next steps with your coach, and how you plan to sustain your HyperGrowth!