Carl Gould



BACKGROUND: Executive, Life and Business Coaching; Serial Entrepreneurship, Training, Business Management, Accounting, Horticulture.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Construction, Real Estate, Professional Coaching & Consulting.

HOBBIES: Reading, hiking, baseball, listening to music (esp. attending live concerts).

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: I believe in giving back. Others helped me; now it is my turn.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "It's what you do and not what you say. If you're not part of the future, then get out of the way." John Mellencamp

FAVORITE MOVIES: The Hunt for Red October, Thirteen Days, Braveheart, Gladiator.

WHAT I AM READING: The Celestine Prophecy, It's Not About the Bike, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

COMMENTS: Look for the 2008 release of my upcoming best-seller "The 7 Stages of Small Business Success."