Chandra Gould


BACKGROUND: British, moved here in 2004. Graduated from University of E London BA (Hons)SW & Psychology & Approved MH Law. Fitness & Personal Trainer Accredited 1990

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Business Consulting, Results Coaching, Mental Health Law, Health & Fitness, Sales, FINANCIAL Coaching.

HOBBIES: Yoga, Travel, Skiing, & Chocolate

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: Because I love to help business owners make More Money & create the life they really want

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Attitude is Altitude”

FAVORITE MOVIES: Hitch, Up In the Air, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Casino Royale.

WHAT I AM READING: ¨O Magazine, 7 Spiritual Laws of success- Deepak Chopra

COMMENTS: ‘Success’ is a series of Actions, take consistent daily action and you will achieve whatever you decide to be Possible!