Charles Szente



BACKGROUND: Entrepreneurship development, Local Economic Development, Training, Supply Chain, Business Support, Project Management, Quality Systems.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Consulting, Business Sales, Professional, Supply Chain, Manufacturing.

HOBBIES: Music (playing), writing poetry, cricket (watch),squash (do), cycling (do), strategy Games.

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: I want to make a difference in this world. Helping people grow is a lasting way of doing this.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Everybody dies, but not everybody lives" MIC. One day we all have to stand before God and give account not of how we died, but how we lived and the meaning our live has had for Him.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Kunfu Panda, Shrek 1&2, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, August Rush, The Fisher King.

WHAT I AM READING: Bible, Divorce Recovery, Wild at heart.

COMMENTS: Live has ups and downs. For 2009 lets aim for the ups and know the downs are only temporary.