Edward Dolan



BACKGROUND: 20+ years experience as a Senior Executive (CEO, aka MD, GM, VP Sales and Marketing, VP Operations) identifying market trends, developing new products and services to capitalize on those trends, developing personnel and management teams, training and developing sales teams, coaching and mentoring managers, growing profit margins, leading technology and service companies to achieve breakthrough performance in sales and profitability, unparallel levels of customer satisfaction, strategic advantage through innovative new products and services, penetration of new international markets...to make rapid changes and get things done. BA and MS in Mathematics, advanced graduate work (all but dissertation) in Operations Research.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: P&L, General Management, M&A, Sales Management, Operations, IT, JV E Business, Logistics/Supply Chain, Systems/Networks Integration, Software and Hardware, Communications, E Commerce, Wiring/Cabling, Telecom, Datacom, Internet, ASP, Turned around e-commerce and custom network equipment (wireless) solutions start-up in less than 18 months - increased revenues by 52%, decreased SG&A by 24%. Created 2 profitable businesses from one non-performer through spin out of network hardware business. Led sales effort to grow cabling and network implementation service business from $50M to $100M in less than 5 years. Leadership role in mergers, acquisitions,initial public offering (IPO), management buyout (MBO), due diligence. Labor relations ... Assisted in negotiating a $50M IBEW national labor contract. Developed and managed $10M network and systems integration business. Created new sales and business strategy to turn around $16M computer services business - increased revenues 35%. Delivered one of the most complex software projects ever undertaken by AT&T Marketing . . . on time and within budget . . . managed invention. Managed crisis environments (growth, mergers, downsizing, near-bankruptcies) in small, medium and large companies . . . 10+ years Fortune 500.

COMMENTS: Expertise in developing creative partnering and business development arrangements, business process engineering and improvement, sales team training (consultative selling, relationship development), coaching and mentoring managers for development of peak performance, business strategy development, sales strategy development, pricing strategy development, organizational effectiveness, team building, customer service, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty.