Garth Trumble


BACKGROUND: Branch banking, HO credit, corporate banking, electronic banking, product management, systems design, project management (Nedbank), head of Saswitch, project director (Dimension Data), business coach.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Banking and Information Technology

HOBBIES: Reading, playing the piano, computer games, cosmology.

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: I enjoy talking to people; I like to help people; I like talking about business issues; I seem to have a natural talent for coaching and consulting; Coaching energizes and inspires me.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “At my age people tell me I have wisdom. The only problem is I can’t remember any of it.” Garth Trumble 2010

FAVORITE MOVIES: Sci fi, eg Startrek, Stargate, and piano music, eg The Eddie Duchin Story (1956, with Tyrone Power & Kim Novak)

WHAT I AM READING: Verne Harnish - Scaling Up: How a few companies make it…and why the rest don’t, Gazelles Inc, Virginia, USA, 2014. (A really good business book!)

COMMENTS: I’m a Rotarian.