Geordie van der Nest


BACKGROUND: Business management, business advisor, ERP,BRP, business development manager, training manager, sales manager, director (corporate governance)

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Business advisor, coach, mentor, mentor, consultant, information technology, training, telecommunications, event management, construction, pharmaceutical, and military.

HOBBIES: Theatre

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: I love helping people and love improving things. I have significant experience, and am good at teaching, coaching and mentoring.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life is only as good as you make it".

FAVORITE MOVIES: The Edge, Meet Joe Black and Cinema Paradise

WHAT I AM READING: My Life, My Legacy by Roger Hamilton

COMMENTS: I am your “Miracle” 1% advisor, good at systems and controls, business process modeling/re-engineering, organizational purchase and organizational culture design and development, corporate governance, director with responsibilities for board leadership.