Henrik Mortensen

Fully Accredited


BACKGROUND: Top Management, Strategic Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Technical Product Development.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Consulting, Telecom, IT Software, IT Hardware.

HOBBIES: My family, playing with my kids, Sabina (8) and Thomas (6).

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: It gives me great pleasure to share my experience and knowledge with others, unleash the potential and see the results my mentees and clients achieve.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Leadership by action" (said by a top Microsoft executive about a yearly theme sometime in the beginning of the 90's when I was employed there).

FAVORITE MOVIES: Action ( like James Bond), Adventure (like Indiana Jones), and romantic comedies (and watching these together with my wife).

WHAT I AM READING: I really can't say.

COMMENTS: Focus on the possibilities - not the obstacles.