Joseph G. White



BACKGROUND: Franchise Sales Systems, Sales and Training, Business Consulting and Sales System Development.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: President of MFR Inc., VP of Sales with the #1 Internet Franchise, National Advertising & Promotions Director with a Major Oil Company.

HOBBIES: Curling,family activities and assisting young entrepreneurs.

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: People make great things happen and I like to help people do great things.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Be willing to be uncomfortable be comfortable being uncomfortable it may get tough but it is a small price to pay to live a dream.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Hunt for Red October, Rudy, Patton.

WHAT I AM READING: Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits, Moby Dick, Anything written by Colin Forbes.

COMMENTS: Currently I am writing a book on the impact of the letter "F" in our life Value decision and I also have a blog called