Kay Geraerts



BACKGROUND: Workforce Management and Technical Documentation.


HOBBIES: Sports, particularly squash, netball and spectator sports, cricket (yes cricket great game!) and horse racing (bad for the budget!).

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: I enjoy enabling people to reach their potential and I love the interaction. It is as much a learning process for me as it is for the mentee.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Success belongs to those that act upon what they learn." (Unknown)

FAVORITE MOVIES: French Kiss (it's a comedy not soft porn!), Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version only- where is my Mr. Darcy???), The Italian Job.

WHAT I AM READING: Flourish & Prosper (Geoff Morgan & Andrew Banks), The Bullseye principle (Barry Bull), Absolute Power (David Baldacci).

COMMENTS: Since joining the IIB I have unwittingly become something of an entrepreneur and I love it! Now every oppurtunity that comes my way is "why not?", where as before I would have just let it pass me by.