Maureen Frumen

Fully Accredited


BACKGROUND: Business Advisor; Business /Personal Coaching; Leadership Development; Strategic Planning; Organizational & Business Development; Human Capital Partnership Initiatives and Board.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Consulting - Private, Public & Nonprofit Sectors - Public Policy, Advocacy; Transportation, Workforce Development & Economic.

HOBBIES: Reading, writing, walking /jogging, travel, entertaining.

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: It's about helping others and continuing to learn yourself.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint' then by all means Paint, and that voice will be silenced" - Van Gogh

FAVORITE MOVIES: Mostly Martha, Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi, Under the Same Moon, The Syrian Bride.

WHAT I AM READING: "The First 30 Days" (managing change), "Money, Time & People", "Liberating Greatness"