Michael Akbar

Fully Accredited


BACKGROUND: Mr. Akbar's experience as a senior executive includes working in start-up, maturity and growth business environments. He has a unique blend of sales, marketing and operations experience in manufacturing, technology and services sectors. Throughout his 29 years in business, including 10 years with IBM and GE, Mr. Akbar has demonstrated strong people, process, and leadership skills offering strategic and tactical leadership during significant transition and growth business cycles. During each cycle he was instrumental in: Expediting revenue and profit growth to unprecedented levels. Designing performance-driven corporate cultures. Building highly motivated teams. Selecting and retaining loyal supplier networks. Controlling costs without adversely impacting growth objectives. Implementing state-of-the-art operations technologies. Spearheading multi-channel sales and marketing strategies to capture new market segments and high-value customers Examples of his achievements include assisting business owners thrive in harsh economic conditions, assisting in identification and development of new markets, devising a flexible marketing mix including highly effective incentive models for distribution channels, crafting an organizational structure flexible in addressing the resultant rapid growth in sales volumes while maintaining and improving the quality of service by extending systemized and integrated operational support systems to clients and suppliers, continuous improvement in productivity rates through introduction of internal measurement and compensation programs, improving revenue projection systems, and further enhancement of profit margins by building an aggressive and loyal supplier chain.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: As a professional advisor Mr. Michael V. Akbar has dedicated himself to helping other business owners, senior executives, and individuals who want to start new ventures, achieve more. He has discovered public speaking as a passion that has helped him share his extensive experience with his audiences who have enjoyed his talks on numerous business and motivational topics.