Roland Patterson



BACKGROUND: Personal & Business Coaching, Business Reengineering, Change Management & Transition Planning, Quality Systems, Individual & Process Safety, Process Improvement, Business Planning.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Chemical & Fiber Manufacturing.

HOBBIES: World traveling, gourmet cooking, golfing and gardening (Bonsai).

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: I want to see people and business grow, develop and soar with eagles.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can't, you're right." Henry Ford Second Quote: "If you are what you do, when you don't, you aren't." unknown

FAVORITE MOVIES: Casablanca, Mrs. Miniver, Longest Day, Shinning Through.

WHAT I AM READING: All books by Jack Higgins & Clive Cussler.

COMMENTS: In 33+ years of working in the corporate business world, I have never had as much fun as I am having now Coaching and Mentoring people and businesses.