Thompson Stimpel



BACKGROUND: Transformational Leadership, Strategy Development, Business Planning, Global Commerce, Change Management, Business Process Reengineering, Process Improvement, Team Dynamics, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Enterprise Training, Zero-bssed Budgeting, Program Management, Concurrent Engineering Product Development,Operations Management, ERP, ISO 9001:2000 Internal Audit, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, Disaster Recovery Planning, Event Management, and Site Start-ups(search, selection, planning, acquisition, contracts, leasehold improvements systems, vendor/contractor management, outfitting and opening).

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Ranging from the Forbes 500 to the Fortune 50, Davids and Goliaths, Publishing/Internet Publishing(market development & project management), Systems Integration(marketing, discovery, proposals,team building & project management), International Commodities Exchange(technology products), Content Management Relational Data(with web & E-Commerce), Custom Software(project leadership related to industries noted above), Financial Advisor(small business programs & private client consulting), Community Development Associations(board of directors-elected).