Timothy McGinty



BACKGROUND: Success Coaching, Author, General Business Management, Organizational and Talent Development, Workforce Alignment, Effective Communication, Public Speaker.

INDUSTRY BACKGROUND: Public Speaking, Coaching, Mentoring, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Commodities Brokering, Consulting.

HOBBIES: Golf, bowling, hiking, camping, playing guitar & listening to all types of music, meditating.

I COACH/CONSULT BECAUSE: I enjoy assisting others in achieving their dreams. Touching people, impacting lives!

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Be willing to uncomfortable, Be comformtable being uncomfortable. It may be tough but it is a small price to pay for living a dream".

FAVORITE MOVIES: Hitch, Apollo 13, One, The Secret, Down The Rabbit Hole, Monty Python's Holy Grail.

WHAT I AM READING: The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe.

COMMENTS: Check out my books" "Your Blissful Life" (ISBN-13: 978-1933063218) and "Wake Up Live The Life You Love, Wake Up Moments" (ISBN-13: 978-1933063126)