A rowing team must be in total synch in order to perform at its best. The ‘COACH’ is always at the front of the boat making sure all the parts are moving in harmony. The coxswain is OUTSIDE the picture looking in. Since he is NOT focused on rowing, he can help the team make the necessary adjustments to optimize propulsion, direction and position. He can also observe the competition and recommend the right moves to remain in the lead. You canNOT achieve your goals when your greatest enemy is yourself. Infighting, conflicting values, individual agendas have NO place in an aligned organization.

It only takes ONE oar out of synch to slow down a boat. To what degree would you score a 10 out of 10 for ALL of your employees? 1) All of my employees are right for their jobs? 2) Right for the company? 3) Trained and prepared for the future of the organization?

It takes ongoing commitment to maintaining alignment if you’re going to build a winning culture. We can help. Click below and we’ll arrange for a 7 Stage Consultant to give you a FREE Business Analysis.



There is no such thing as maintaining the status quo. You MUST grow, or your business will slowly begin to die. You business must expand in one or more of the following areas…

  • Leadership

  • Sales

  • Generate qualified leads

  • Increase existing customer loyalty and repeat purchases

  • Effective and efficient processes and systems

  • Attract and retain top talent

  • Grow your gross and net profits, buying power or cash reserves 

Your company must be proactively pursuing improvement in EACH of these areas. Where does your company need the most help RIGHT NOW? Where should you be placing your energy and focus right now? Not sure? Click the button below and let the DISCoverY Process help you understand where the greatest impact can be made in your business RIGHT NOW. You work hard enough already, what you need is a better ROI for your time and efforts. We can help.


The single most used word when we ask a client why they sought out our guidance. Human nature dictates that we don’t ask for help when we feel good; we ask for help when we are in pain. Where are you experiencing pain in your business? Some of the descriptions of pain sound like this…

  • “This business needs a complete turn around.”

  • “How do I turn around my sales?”

  • “What is the best way to turn around a company’s culture?”

  • “I need to turn around my financial situation!”

The truth is you’re not alone. We are in the midst of the most volatile economy the world has ever known. It’s not your fault that your ship hit a sand-bar. You couldn’t see it coming. But now it’s your responsibility to get back on track. We can help.

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