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Anatomy of a Comeback Free 4-week Live Class with Carl Gould

How to overcome any adversity
in business and in life

5 Steps to help you create your Comeback Story

Anatomy of a Comeback Book
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1.Break Down – What Stops You

Getting to the Next Level?

Where were you..Susceptible? Vulnerable?

Negligent? Uneducated? Inexperienced?

What was the..Trigger, outside pressure, inside pressure?

2. Break In – Take Inventory

What is really going on here?

What is great about this situation?

What can be learned from this?

What is left of my assets that I can use to comeback?

3. Break Through – Take a Radical Step

Confront your greatest fear

Something physical

Question rules, beliefs and values

Learn the worst…first

4. Break Out – Upgrade your Plan

Dream HUGE

Think big

Play/work smart

Implement small

5. Break Away – Discipline

Daily Action

Model the top 3%

Build the peer group to support the new destination

Schedule discomfort with those who find it comforting

Anatomy of a Comeback Class


Let’s write your Comeback Story

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