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Problems We Solve

Struggling to stand out from the competition?

Not reaching sales and revenue goals?

Sales and marketing teams are not aligned?

Wishing your managers took more initiative, and ran the business as if it were their own?

Problem #1: Sales are Flat 

I am often asked, “When does it get easy Carl?” “When does sales get easy?”

The answer is NEVER unless you have built out a scripted and tested sales process for your business that is managed relentlessly. Our 9-step sales funnel will show you how to effectively take a prospect through the purchasing journey and create consistent results. Our sales DISCoverY methodology is designed to show you how small, incremental improvements lead to exponential results.

We assist you in vetting, hiring, assessing, training and managing your sales team to peak performance.

Pivoting my StartUp

Because of you I had a second epiphany with respect to my wife’s startup, we had been selling at the mid market price. This has been exhausting and not lucrative at all, so I paraphrased everything you told me and it swung my wife around to reconsider her own price positioning. As she just completed her Autumn menu we ditched the low price items, ramped up the items in the middle and set to work to create three very expensive super premium services, we had one already and increased the price 2.5x! The result – we feel good about what we are doing and that it is worthwhile if we deliver the service ourselves at a higher price. 2 years into this process and I suspect that we will raise it another notch when we open a freestanding spa (working on the biz plan for this now) – and I think positioning at the top of the spectrum will help to raise the funding.

Problem #2: Profits are Flat

Have you noticed that your recent growth was not as profitable as your core business? This is very common although it’s not normal. This is a dysfunctional problem that you need to fix. There is hidden cash-flow within your business right now. Our 7 Stage Management System (7MS) will uncover the hidden value and untapped profit within your business.

Flat profits is a lagging indicator that your business model may need an upgrade.

Increased My Revenue

I wanted to formally thank you on behalf of UT Entrepreneurs and The University of Tampa for coming to speak to some of our students and EO. I found your presentation highly valuable, in fact, while you were speaking I was drafting an email to my boss, making suggestions on how we can increase our revenue. You were by far one of the most motivational and valuable speakers I have ever heard.

Problem #3: Partner Issues

You started off on the same page. You agreed on most aspects of the business. You had similar visions, then something happened… You achieved your initial goals. Over time you learned that the second phase of your company did not have the same level of alignment as the initial phase. 7 Stage Advisors deals with this issue as frequently as any other issue. We will facilitate the necessary conversations to make sure that your individual goals, your partnership goals and your organizational goals are realized. This is a discussion that cannot wait. 

Problem #4: Lack of Inventory Control

Would you like to hear the secret of becoming a millionaire quickly? Start out as a multi-millionaire with poor inventory control : )

In an early-stage business you manage your inventory using ‘the just-in-case’ stocking system. Wanting to quickly respond to your customers needs, you will tend to overstock your inventory. In order to scale your business, you must move from a ‘just-in-case’ to a ‘just-in-time’ inventory system. We will apply LEAN principles to your throughput and show you how to get maximum utilization from your ERP systems. Our 7 Stage Mastery Program will guide you through the efficient processes needed for you to take back control of the back of your house.

Problem #5: Automate Lead Generation

Are you struggling with inconsistent and unqualified lead flow? Are the quantity of your leads insufficient for you to meet your sales objectives? Lead generation is one of the least understood business functions and without it you have no business. Get off the feast and famine rollercoaster, go through our Marketing DISCoverY Process. We will make sure that you are generating qualified TRAFFIC matched up to a compelling OFFER. Through multiple, simultaneous lead generation activities.

Landed my Largest Client

I wanted to let you know that I have found the information you shared to be awesome. I have been on several calls since then, and it should turn out to be the largest contract I have landed in about 4 years. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your stuff does work, but more than that, it gives a rejuvenated approach to business development.

Problem #6: CEO fatigue – “I love my business but don’t like running the day-to-day activities.” 

We help CEOs create succession plans that empower their management team and run the business as if it were their own.

Took My Skills to the Next Level

You took many of the skills and practices I had superficially been trained on before and took them to new levels. It helped me learn new skills and gain understanding in new and important ways. My approach to the value I can provide to my existing members is increased several levels. They will get better results and I will get greater fulfillment.

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My profits are rolling in
My partner and I work together perfectly
My inventory in completely accounted for
I've got leads coming from all directions
I love everything I do and I never get tired

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